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夢境 Dreams

1. 阿尼瑪 Anima2. 穿過夜晚 Go Through the Night3. 影子 Shadow  (feat. 9m88)4. 女巫 Witches5. 如夢一般 Dreamlike6. 振翅 Wings (feat. 高雄市管樂團 Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra)7. Happy but Sad8. 眾神的派對 Deities’ Party (feat. 九天民俗技藝團 Chio Tian Folk Drums And Art Troupe)9. 敬啟者 Dear Humans (JP Version)10. 凝視 Gaze at Blue (Album Version)11. 托夢 Fable12. 發夢到你 Dream of […]

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